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 has established an enviable reputation as a broad based legal practice. Our guiding principle to always exceed the clients' expectations led to our growth and expansion as one of the largest law firms in Cyprus. The calibre of the firm's lawyers and their dedication to providing clients with the most practical and cost effective services is the cornerstone for the success of the firm.


Why a solicitor is required by a purchase of the property?


The Solicitor will do for you the following necessary steps to represent you and protect your interested:


1.    Search on the title deeds of the property and make sure that the property is free of any charge, or any other legal or real encumbrances or obligations whatsoever or right to any other person or to the Cyprus Government and that they will be in a position to   transfer the absolute ownership and the title deed of the said property to the Purchaser

2.    Obtain and check the building and planning permits and any final certificates.

3.    Carry out background financial and stability checks on the sellers.

3.    Draft a reservation agreement to regulate the terms on which the property is paid.

4.    Perusal of the proposed sale agreement and modifying the same, if necessary, to fully cover your interests or drafting

       our own contract.

5.    Draft a power of attorney, if necessary, enabling  solicitor to act for you in your absence.

6.    Attend for signing of sale agreement.

7.    Make sure that the vendors will comply with their obligations and that they do not breach any of the terms and/or conditions contained in the Contract of Sale.                      

8.    Offer to the client the ability to use the ''client account'' in order to make sure that the payment regarding your property is safe and secure.       

9.    Stamping and depositing sale agreement with the Land Registry for specific performance purposes.

10.  Apply to the Council of Ministers of Cyprus and use all reasonable endeavors to obtain the necessary permission for acquisition and transfer of the said Property into your name.

11.  Transfer the title deed of the property in your name and make sure that the property will be transferred to the your name free of any mortgages, charges and/or encumbrances.


In addition, the solicitor will assist the client (if you wish to have this service) to apply for a Permanent Residency Permit.


On the occasion that the purchaser/vendor opts not to be represented by a solicitor:


For most people, buying or selling a home is the most expensive transaction that they will ever conduct.

No matter how many people are helping you out, make sure that you actually read everything you sign. Ask questions if there's something you don't understand. However, a lawyer is always necessary  because If the buyer or seller tries to back out of the deal on short notice, you may have to scramble to get professional legal help. And if something goes wrong after the deal has closed (say, the inner walls and ducts turn out to be caked with mold), you may need to hire a lawyer after the fact to get you out of the purchase or to negotiate a settlement.

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